Awesome Star Fox x Metal Gear Mashup

Star Fox x Metal Gear - Star Wolf x Foxhound - Wolf O'Donnell - Nintendo Gaming Poster Art

This appears to be a mix of the FOXHOUND logo from Metal Gear with Fox McCloud and Wolf O’Donnell from Star Fox.

I couldn’t find much info about this artwork in particular, but a redditor named Sarah Carrasco who got the same design as a tattoo explains, “Yeah it’s a mix of them all. But I’m a super fan of star fox and fox hound just looked super gnarly with the dagger and i love wolf’s eye patch. So I did all three!” So maybe she’s the original designer? I’m not sure.

Prints of this are in limited supply, but at the time of this posting, you can still grab one for only $3!

FOXHOUND was an elite black ops unit of the United States Army that was established by the “Legendary Soldier” Big Boss in Konami’s Metal Gear games.

Wolf O’Donnell is the leader of the Star Wolf team and rival of Fox McCloud in Nintendo‘s Star Fox games.